Suprema AI.


Edge AI Algorithm Development Platform with Diverse Development Environment Adaptability


  • A standardized optimization platform for the development of Edge AI algorithm.
  • It provides high performance on Edge devices by optimizing the algorithm for low performance CPU with little loss of accuracy.

Core Competency of Q-Platform

The best performing hardware platform build

  • Possessing over 20 Peta-FLOPS and 40 Peta-OPS deep learning hardware platform

AI development software platform for the faster development

  • Mass DB management and S/W tool development

AI automation pipeline build

  • Automation tool development for DB collection, cleansing, model learning and evaluation processes

Optimization platform build for EDGE

  • Support wide range CPUs including CPU, VPU, GPU, NPU, etc
  • AutoML, NAS
  • Post Quantization, Quad Aware Training
  • Prunning, Filter Decomposition

Development Software Platform

  • Automated Database Collection, Data Cleansing, Deep Learning

Q-Platform development software platform